By popular demand, Manchester Punk Festival 2023 includes more live podcasts than ever! We have assembled five of the UK’s finest punk rock podcasts for your enjoyment: 101 Part Time Jobs, The Seabin Podcast, Shout Louder Punk Podcast, Hello & Hoof and Breakfast Punx.

You will find the live podcasts at Sandbar early on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s an ideal way to start off your day, even before all the bands kick off. Promising chucklesome comedy, insightful interviews and a jam-packed roster of guests from the punk rock community, each of these podcasts is well worth a listen. 

You can check out their episodes and subscribe online before the weekend, to get you geared up for all MPF’s festivities.


Hello & Hoof a.k.a. The Horn & Hoof Records Video Podcast Chat Show. A DIY punk rock chat show filmed in glorious technicolour and brought to you by idiots. Gregarious host Danny Barrett (The Crash Mats) challenges a roster of bewildered punk rock guests – this is Shooting Stars for the DIY generation.


Breakfast Punx is a fortnightly podcast about weird shit and DIY punk brought to you by Dave (Haest/Sham City Roasters) and Siobhan (Comeback Clit). They chat about strange news stories and pick a weird subject from the annals of pop culture to work their heads around. In the past, they’ve tackled everything from juggalos to David Lynch, and from ancient magic to New York hardcore.


Insightful interviews about the short-lived and underpaid jobs bands had before quitting to go on tour. Hosted by Giles Bidder from Cynics, previous guests have included Hot Water Music, The Mountain Goats and Amyl & The Sniffers.


Off-the-wall comedic interviews with punk rock bands about creativity, community and the DIY ethos. Previous guests include The Menzingers, A Wilhelm Scream and 43% of the MPF line-up. Hosted by Sarah Williams (Shout Louder, MPF), live episodes are unpredictably madcap, and have included a thumb war, a dildo and a fried egg butty.


Long-running comedy interview podcast from Cornwall, full of hot takes and hotter cryptids. Charismatic host Simon Walker (a.k.a. Big Tasty) wrangles with artists, musicians or anyone with an axe to grind, to learn what gripes they would banish to the depths of The Seabin. FFO: Room 101 with gratuitous swearing.

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