Manchester Punk Festival is organised across several city centre venues. We are aware that two of our venues do not provide full accessibility, especially for those people who may struggle to use stairs. Unfortunately, the viable venues available to us in the centre of Manchester limit our options. Every year we look to using newer venues with increased accessibility to make MPF more comfortable and welcoming for all. Although we continue to reassess and consider how to make the festival more accessible to all people in the future, we recognise that having access to just some of the performances would be restrictive and disappointing.

Because of this, we would like to offer a discounted ticket to people who will experience some restrictions due to accessibility issues or tickets for carers. To enquire about a these tickets, or if you have any questions about access at any of the venues, please email info [@]

This article attempts to provide all accessibility information for the venues we use. Please get in touch if you require any additional details. Basic venue information can be found on our website here – 


For MPF2024 we have introduced an additional ‘accessibility access’ wristband to help with quicker access to the venues, where queuing is an issue, and to access the mezzanine at the back of the Union to improve visibility. Please request this wristband at the wristband exchange when you arrive. 


The Union – 21 Higher Cambridge St, Manchester, M15 6AD

The Union is home of our main stage for MPF2024 Wristband Exchange is also at The Union, it’ll be your first stop. Alongside loads of awesome bands you will also be able to pick up merchandise and visit the record store. The volunteers at the wristband exchange and the merch table will be happy to provide assistance if you have any questions.

There are accessible toilets at the back of the venue. Seating is available on the right hand side of the venue room. A balcony is also available, accessible via the lift, for additional seating if required.

Gorilla – 54-56 Whitworth St, Manchester, M1 5WW

Access via the side of the venue includes a set of steps. If required, the venue staff will be able to provide ground level access through another door on request. There is seating at the back of the room but this is upstairs (and has a good view). There is an accessible toilet in the main bar of the venue. Please ask for assistance from the bar staff for access.

The Bread Shed – 126 Grosvenor St, Manchester, M1 7HL

The whole venue is on the ground floor. There is plenty of seating available around the edge of the venue with varying view quality. There is an accessible toilet on the left of the venue.

Zombie Shack – 50 New Wakefield St, Manchester M1 5NP

This venue is accessed by a steep spiral staircase. This is a very tight venue but there is some seating to the left hand side of the room. We would recommend arriving early for a band to access this seating (and entering between bands). There isn’t an accessible toilet in this venue.

Yes – 38 Charles St, Manchester M1 7DB

MPF is in the pink room on the 1st floor. This is on the first floor but accessible via a lift at the back of the venue. There is a small amount of seating available in the room. There is an accessible toilet on each floor.

Rebellion – 2B Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WZ

The venue is across two levels. An accessible area is available to the right of the stage and a lot of seating is available at the back (with poor visibility). There is an accessible toilet.

Sandbar – 120 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HL

There is plenty of space to sit down in the venue, although access to the MPF room is up a couple of steps. There is an accessible toilet.


Based on google maps:

  • The Union to The Bread Shed: 6 Minutes
  • The Union to Gorilla: 11 Minutes
  • Gorilla to The Bread Shed: 9 Minutes
  • Gorilla to Rebellion: 7 Minutes


An interactive map of the venues can be found on our website here – 

If you have issues, or feedback, during the festival please ask for assistance at the wristband exchange that is at the entrance of the Union.

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