Countdown to MPF: Omsorg Interview.

We were made aware of Omsorg by our good friends from Aalborg who run the venue 1000Fryd. We are super happy that they did as they’ve become a must see at MPF2024. Here are some questions we asked guitarist Jan.

How would you introduce yourselves to a punk fan who’s not heard of you yet?

We play some kind of emotional post-hardcore. Our inspiration comes from bands such as Defeater, Birds In Row, La Dispute, Touché Amore and Have Heart. Some think we have some Nirvana elements/vibe to it which is a bit odd, but I guess it’s a good thing, I just don’t hear it myself.

Which of your songs/releases are you most proud of, and why?

We only have one full length album out but that one means pretty much to us but if I have to point out some of my favorite songs from that it would be ‘’Bound By Blood’’, ‘’You Made Me’’ and ‘’Incomplete’’. We are releasing a new EP in May and that features some of our best songs so far imo.

Tell us a secret about your band.

I don’t really like playing live that much.

What was the first gig you ever went to?

It was my brother’s old punk band Heading South. It’s their fault I’m doing this music stuff and they had a huge impact on me and I love them for that.

Who would be in your supergroup?

Jord Samolesky on drums
Rubeus Hagrid on bass
Rod Steward on vocals
Kurt Ballou on lead guitar
Myself on rhythm guitar

If you were a biscuit/cookie, what would you be and why?

Oh, that’s tough. Think I would be a solid chocolate-chip cookie, why? I have no idea.

Oasis or Blur?


Too much ska or too little ska?

Too much.

Dogs or Cats?

Think we are on a 50/50 here. All animals are amazing and beautiful.

Beside slugs, mosquitos and ticks, they should all burn in hell.

Oh and that stingray that killed Steve Irwin and that fish that swims up your penis is not cool either. Can you use that?

Who’s your favorite superhero?

I’m actually not that much of a superhero guy, but Spiderman is pretty rad.

Help us settle the age-old bread debate. What do you call a roll / cob / bap / barm / batch / muffin / other (specify)?

I have no idea but in Danish we call it a Bolle – which is kinda weird because that is also something you could say when someone is having sex.

Finally, which bands are you most excited to see at MPF2024?

I would love to see Hot Water Music, Pissed Jeans, A Wilhelm Scream, Tsunami Bomb, Scream, Fresh, Antillectual, Nosebleed, Shooting Daggers.

I mean this is such an awesome festival and lineup. I’m just stoked to be part of it this year and I’m looking forward to hanging out and watching a lot of bands and hopefully learn about some bands I don’t know yet.

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