Countdown to MPF: Pink Suits Interview

Pink Suits are another band we recently saw at Riot Garden. It was an easy booking after such a good show. We caught up with Lennie and asked a few questions.

How would you introduce yourselves to a punk fan who’s not heard of you yet?

We are a straight up political, power chord punk duo. Quite aggressive. Very political. Pretty silly. Imagine The White Stripes were aggressively Queer and only ever listened to CRASS. Pink, Political, Power Chord Punk Rock & Rage! 

Which of your songs/releases are you most proud of, and why? 

Fake Great Britain is the one that got out there the most. I always thought it was too simple and never expected it to be our most popular song but I’m quite proud of how it’s done. And shooting the music video was so much fun! 

Tell us a secret about your band.

We don’t know much about music at all. Maybe people hearing us wont think that’s a secret haha but we started pink suits with no music knowledge or experience. We both trained in ballet and worked as dancers before starting the band. 

What was the first gig you ever went to?

Black Eyed Peas supported by The Pussycat Dolls at MEN Arena. Massive show!

Who would be in your supergroup? 

We have always wanted to see a band built around Midgitte Bardot, the drag alter ego of the amazing artist Tammy Reynolds. So let’s start there! Midgitte Bardot on vocals. Bobbie of Bob Vylan on drums. Estella Adeyeri from Big Joanie on Bass. I would want to fill this band with so many guitarists but I think Anna from HAWXX and guitarist Rikki Lee would cause some absolute damage together. We worked with Rikki a bit last year and she is incredible. This is absolute chaos now so lets throw Baby Lame in there on tambourine and vocals too.

If you were a biscuit/cookie, what would you be and why?

Chocolate Hobnob is fucking premium! But I’m not sure I would be premium. Maybe I’m a Custard Cream? That feels right. Quite basic but sweet and satisfying. Goes perfect with a black coffee.

Oasis or Blur?

Oasis. (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? was on of my favourite albums as a kid. Big deal in 90’s Manchester! 

Too much ska or too little ska?

I dont really know what Ska is… soz! Are Madness a Ska band? I had a mate perform in Tonight at the London Palladium once and I went to see them film it ‘live’. Madness opened the show and had to play Our House about 6 times. That was too much. 

Dogs or Cats?


Who’s your favorite superhero?

The Crimson Bolt from Super

Help us settle the age-old bread debate. What do you call a roll / cob / bap / barm / batch / muffin / other (specify)?

Depends what’s in it right? Bacon Bap, Sausage Muffin, Cheese Roll… I think if it’s on its own I would say Roll? I think I maybe I used to say Muffin but Ray is from USA and it would be too confusing to call it a muffin now.

Has that settled it? 

Finally, which bands are you most excited to see at MPF2024?

The Menstrual Cramps! Actually our favourite band ever. 

Excited to see Pizzatramp too, we have wanted to see them for a while.

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