Cover image for MPF2023 bandcamp compilation volume 31. A great introduction to the bands playing this year's punk festival.


To close out 2022 Volume 31 of our Bandcamp compilation series introducing you to the bands playing Manchester Punk Festival is now available. You are welcome to this, and all other volumes, free of charge! But if you want to donate anything, it will be used to help promote MPF2023. 

Latest volume features: Rum Lads, Bangers, Piss Kitti, Half Naked Headline, Goodbye Blue Monday, DeeCRACKS, Frankie Stubbs, Swansong, The Restarts, Shit Present, Ritual Error, Coughin Vicars, Crutches, wearejoeyterrifying, Tim Holehouse and The Slow Death.

Tickets are selling well and we’ve just hit a big milestone! Grab yours here, don’t forget you can now pay in instalments until the end of January:

Here is the MPF2023 line-up! We still have loads to add including comedy, poetry, podcasts, a record store and more…

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