Four years strong and we ain’t gone wrong! The Punk Poetry Stage returns to MPF with humour, hope and rage, getting you stirred by spikey spoken word. Mosh down to Sandbar to recharge with bolshy bards from across the country. Compered by gobhead Henry Raby. Up The Punk Poets!

James Domestic

Essex-born, Suffolk-dwelling James is a compulsive songwriter, musician, DJ, painter, poet, and punk. He holds a doctorate from the University of Essex, has toured the world and elsewhere with The Domestics, and made records with more bands than is healthy or sensible. He has two poetry collections (Domesticated Vols 1 & 2). He’ll go back to the gym tomorrow.

Shannon O’Neill

Shannon O’Neill has been doing weird stuff on stage since 2015, and she’s not even sorry. A writer, performer and lyricist, she has co-written two theatrical works (In The Works Theatre’s ‘A Matter of Time’ and ‘The 900 Club’), independently written and produced one (‘GAFF’), published her debut book (‘Fractured’ Stairwell Books), and currently fronts the band Apocalypse Theorists.

Benny Rabble

Essex-born and bred currently living in Sunderland, Ben is a politically fuelled punk poet, with a strong left wing stance, touching on subjects such as struggles with mental health, the current state of the country and growing up working class.

Thick Richard

By 2024 Thick Richard will have been pursuing this ridiculous career path for 25 years. His cynical, lyrical, jet-black humour, intelligent wordplay, well-crafted verse, and occasionally acerbic, well-targeted comic attacks have earned him much respect from artists and audiences from Edinburgh to Glastonbury.

Liv Wynter

Liv Wynter is a trans and working class grassroots organiser and performer, who has recently released their new EP ‘VIOLENCE’. Their sellout night, How To Catch A Pig, is an anarchist performance night celebrating creatives who also organise against the state with a focus on queer, trans, POC + working class performers. Liv is a dedicated abolitionist organiser, and stands in solidarity with all collectives organising against any systemic oppression.

Saffiyah Khan

Saffiyah is Bosnian/Pakistani, she grew up in the Birmingham punk scene.

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