Podcasts kick-off each day of the festival at Sandbar. It’s an ideal way to start off your day, even before all the bands kick off. Promising chucklesome comedy, insightful interviews and a jam-packed roster of guests from the punk rock community, each of these podcasts is well worth a listen. 

You can check out their episodes and subscribe online before the weekend, to get you geared up for all MPF’s festivities.

Punk Rock Elite

Stand-Up Comedians Red Redmond and Eddie French host the world’s first podcast all about NOFX. As their favourite band wave goodbye to 40 years of Punk Rock, this podcast combs back over their back catalogue and promises to answer the question “why won’t Fat Mike stop talking about pegging?”. Over 10,000 downloads globally and counting. Past guests include Frank Turner and NOFX’s very own Karina Denike.

Vandal Factory Podcast

Come to a raucous live recording of the VF podcast! Henry & Natalie discuss the magic moments where art and activism meet. Expect interviews with special guests from across MPF, punk poetry, music plus the return of our quiz: Punk Band Or Ale?

Mid Life Punk Podcast

MLPP was born from lockdown boredom by two old buds (Tom and Niall) who’ve spent decades in the Midlands’ punk scene. And they’re slowly coming to realise that we’re grown ups now.

Initial success of MLPP is down to the fact that big names in punk rock couldn’t tour so had nothing better to do than talk to two overweight blokes.

The pod is mainly interviews, moans, cider, fags, lols and not taking yourself too seriously.

Having hosted quizzes on their show, the boys will be doing “Punkiversity Challenge” during their live MPF show, which is definitely a totally original, never before seen format. You’re not getting them on THAT!”

Pretty On The Inside

Pretty On The Inside is your new fave lo-fi podcast! We’re all about celebrating women in music, from punk to grunge and zines to … Doughnuts?! The pod is brought to your ears by two music nerds who met through the weird and wonderful world of social media, bonding over a mutual love of Miss Love. Our mission is to share stories of women in the DIY music scene, have a laugh, and meet new friends along the way!

Hello and Hoof

The DIY light entertainment chat show hosted by Danny Barrett from The Crash Mats and brought to you in glorious technicolour.

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