It’s been emotional looking through all the photos and videos from MPF2024, as well as reading all the kind words people have been saying about the organisation of Manchester Punk Festival as a whole. It takes so, so many people to make the weekend run smoothly and this year was the best yet. Every single person was positive, happy to help and did their jobs incredibly all to provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy themselves. That’s our aim every year.

It’s no secret that the last couple of years have been difficult for everybody, money is tight, people are in a squeeze and there’s a lot of sacrifice and tough decisions that have needed to be made. It honours us beyond belief that so many punk rockers choose Manchester Punk Festival to spend their hard earned money on and opt to live in our little bubble for Easter Weekend every year. We always try to keep ticket prices as low as possible, we sell our own tickets rather than going through large ticketing partners (Seetickets, Ticketmaster, etc.) to ensure the processing fees charged are also as low as possible.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to run something like Manchester Punk Festival. While a few of us work on organising MPF in our spare time year round, the weekend only works because of the kindness and generosity of so many others to help things happen. While you’re enjoying yourself in one venue, there’s a tonne of behind the scenes work going on elsewhere and making sure everything is running smooth. An endless thank you to every single person who volunteered their time to help out on a shift or two whether that’s on wristbands, merch or sorting the band greenroom. You are the face of the festival and we couldn’t be prouder to have these people around us and representing Manchester Punk Festival.

Huge shout out to the team at The Union, from Mikey and Kym on The Union side – to Ant, James and the rest of the security team making sure everyone was safe but treated like adults and allowed to enjoy themselves. The multiple comments from bands on stage about how the security were helping the crowd and dealing with crowdsurfing was testament to the job they did. Our stage managers, sound and lighting engineers and volunteers in every single venue kept things in time and ticking over perfectly. It was so surreal to see bands like A Wilhelm Scream and Hot Water Music gracing our Main Stage one after the other on Saturday night, but it also felt so right.

This year also saw the first Info Stalls area which was a wonderful and long overdue addition. Thank you to Weirdo, Safe Gigs For Women, Manchester Hunt Sabs, ACORN and Tiny Paws for giving us your time.

We’d also like to give Jake from Supermilk a massive shoutout for battling through an incredibly tough situation to finish their set. Humbles us beyond belief. We also want to give Bondy a massive thank you for being on the road to keep this festival on the road over the weekend – we hope you’re feeling better!

This “Thank You” post could go on for more pages than your internet has bandwidth for. We have one final ask of you wonderful people and that’s to fill our Manchester Punk Festival 2024 Post-Fest Survey. We have always sent these out after each festival to get feedback on what went well and what could be improved and we take every single response into consideration (even the ones that ask for more ska). One person that completes the survey will win two tickets to MPF2025. Fill it in here –

We also have a very limited merch left. You have the most choice if you’re after ladies fit or small sizes! Pick up the remaining merch here.

Thank you for letting us host your festival again.

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